Posted by: ampedabroad | June 14, 2009

Mi Blog Es Su Blog

Welcome to the official blog for AMPED Abroad (Adventure Minded People Exploring Diversity Abroad, LLC).  It is here that we will create a community of informative and socially conscious dialogue centered around culture, volunteerism, education, and travel.

As the name implies, our organization is dedicated to providing enriching cultural immersion experiences abroad through volunteer and internship opportunities.  With that being said, our mission is two fold in that (1) we seek to broaden participants’ horizons through shared learning experiences with others from different cultures and  (2)  through volunteer participation we endeavor to help improve the quality of life for those living abroad.

We offer 1-12 week placements in Argentina, Ecuador, and Guatemala and we are looking to expand our efforts to include other Latin American countries as well as other world regions. 

Participants have a wide array of project options to choose from, including helping in an orphanage or childcare facility,  healthcare/medicine, teaching English, conservation, human rights, at-risk/street children, community development, and construction to name a few.

In addition to checking out our blog, we also invite you to visit us at to learn more about our life changing volunteer and internship opportunities.  Simply click the link for the project(s) that interest you as found at the bottom of each country’s homepage for more details about your specific project interest.


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